Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing Overview
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Small companies
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Any companies, looking for professional Global Sourcing solutions
You will be up to date about the latest market/industry trends
We will find the most efficient sourcing model for you
You can focus on your core business, we take care of the rest
We will ensure compliance with the highest environmental standards

About Global Sourcing

Lower trade barriers support the flow of services and goods worldwide. Surviving as an enterprise hinges increasingly on a company’s ability to compete worldwide and to diversify risks globally. Nonetheless, every country has its specific regulations of which you need to be aware if you are to avoid unpleasant surprises at your country’s customs.

Overseas competitors are not only active in their own countries, but operate worldwide. Others use global in-sourcing possibilities. However, remaining in traditional markets no longer ensures sustainable growth.Global sourcing has rapidly become one of the key success factors to compete in today’s marketplace.

The question now is not whether to go globally or not, but HOW to go globally and take advantage of global insourcing possibilities.

We at BMSCG will , however, only support suppliers that act according to our understanding of cooperative social responsibility.BMSCG will develop a suitable sourcing strategy for your organization, taking into account the best countries and suppliers for your supply categories. Supply speed, uniqueness, supply chain reactiveness, etc. are issues that have great influence on your organization .

We will therefore equip you with the state of the art concepts:

Management consulting

Sourcing Strategy Develoment
Strategic Choice of Country
Category Management Strategies
Total Spend Analysis
TCO analysis