Green Sourcing


What is Green Sourcing?

Nowadays, a major part of the companies are sourcing in Asia, be it direct or indirect. Trading companies buy there, other companies outsource their teams to Asia. Why is that?

One of the reasons is that restrictions for environmental protection are not as tight in Asia as they are in Europe. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just for one country, it should be seen as corporate (around the world).


Source with responsibility


As a result of this, we at BMSCG hold the opinion that we should not support polluting the environment somewhere else, rather than stopping it at all.

BMSCG will help you to develop a green-sourcing strategy; we will find suitable suppliers which will be evaluated from us in Three dimensions (see Figure). BMS Consulting Group developed a tool to evaluate the performance of any factory along the mentioned dimensions.

Once they passed our audit, you will be working with a supplier having a sense of corporate responsibility. BMSCG sourcing steps are generally the same for Green-sourcing as well, the only difference is the factory audit, which will exceed the normal approach.