A BMSCG, mint munkáltató



Függetlenül attól, hogy tapasztalt szakember, frissen diplomázott vagy esetleg még diák vagy, hamar megtalálod a helyed a BMSCG fiatal, profi és ambíciózus csapatában.

We are all team players and that is what we expect from our future members as well. Education is a postulate, besides that we expect you to be able to think out of the box, present your own ideas and. We don’t want nominal members, we need characters who stand for their word and ideas in a proactive but yet respectful way. Where or what you learned or you’re A++ Grade is not a necessity, many different people can find their way to BMSCG. If you like responsibility and you are eager to learn please contact us, we are happy to invite you for an interview in order to get to know you..

Karrier lépcsők

Responsibility is the key to learn and develop yourself. Since you are a member of our team we want you to evolve. Project assignments will start at the Analyst stage. We won’t keep you locked up for administrational work, we want to boost your career and your knowledge base. We as a company and you, as the future employee, will both be happy of proceeding in the right direction.. Feedback is a must, that’s why we will sit together with you quarterly times a year and discuss your strengths and weaknesses in detail. This gives you a clear picture on what you have to work on and where you are already performing well. Our career steps are quite flexible, If you enter as a analyst but perform like a Consultant we will promote you as soon as possible. Employees are the company and they have to feel that.