Your Gateway to Asia

The mantra of The BMS Consulting Group expresses our commitment to act as a cultural and business gateway for our Partners as they embark on their pursuit of new business opportunities.

Our role, as Your Gateway to Asia, is to establish a transparent, direct link between two places – in this case between Asia and Europe. We are not simply here to link Your business to other businesses.


Direct link between Asia and Europe


We are here to assist you whenever necessary through Your challenges and make sure that through our extensive business network and local resources Your business benefits as much as possible from Your future Asian Partnerships.

Empowering small and medium size enterprises

Our specific focus is to empower small and medium size companies.

If we could learn one lesson from latest financial crisis, then it is that it’s always risky to depend on just a few, large multinational corporations (MNCs).

At BMSCG we believe that a healthy economy needs to be balanced and balance requires strong small and medium size companies as they form the

backbone of the economy.

SMEs, due to their sizes and more limited resources, can rarely compete effectively with MNCs.

BMSCG is here to offer your organization the same tools and benefits that until now, only multinational corporations could enjoy.