Sourcing Services

Sourcing Services Overview
Most of our Partners who use this service are: What are the main benefits of this service for You?
Small companies
Medium size businesses
Family  firms
Companies, looking for professional Sourcing solutions
Significantly improved business effectiveness
Lower costs, higher margins on your products and services
You will always be one step ahead of your competitors
Your will have more money for business developments and need less operational loans
About Sourcing Services

The term “sourcing,” originates from practice: Identifying the source of a product (material or service).

The most common reason for a business to try and find better sources for its product or service, is to save costs, for example, to lower its expenditure, increase its competitiveness, and, therefore, achieve higher profits. In today’s globalized world, global sourcing is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon.

We at BMSCG firmly believe that small to medium-sized companies can also benefit significantly from the favorable economic conditions continents away – a benefit which has previously been the privilege of large and multinational corporations.

Continuously improving productivity and efficiency is a prerequisite for success in business, but having access to the right “source” is be the real deal breaker and lower your TOC significantly.

Operative Services

Product Scouting
Supplier Scouting
OEM Service
Supplier Communication
Shipment Setup
TCO Analysis