Supplier Related Services

Supplier Related Services Overview
Most of our Partners who use this service are: What are the main benefits of this service for You?

■ SME's without an Office in China

You don't need to invest into local resources in Asia
Professionally managed relationship by native Asians
Good relationship ensure consistent quality and price level
Reduced chance of unexpected risks
Year round on site support in Asia

About Supplier Related Services

Our supplier-related services portfolio is the operational extension of our consulting service. If you are looking for services at an operational level, we are happy to assist you.

Our experienced consultants can support your business very effectively and save you costs and hassle in a foreign Asian country.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the Asian market, native language speaking colleagues, and wide industry expertise, we can help you

improve your relationship with your suppliers and as a matter of fact the supplier performance. We know what the common pitfalls are and how we can avoid them for you.

With our wide network of more than 1 500 factories in China alone, BMSCG know how to achieve better conditions for your business – price and quality wise.

Operative Services

Fulfillment Service
Supplier Audits (VDA, ISO, etc.)
Pre-Shipment Check
Price and Quality Negotiations
Company Introduction to Potential Suppliers
Handling Ad Hoc Supplier-Related Issues
Supplier Development Programs