The Team

The BMS Consulting Group Overview
Top management - Group level
Ms. Angel Bei Managing Partner

► As a former Manager at one of the largest sourcing companies in the world, Angel was responsible for professional procurement and global sourcing - purchasing and distributing high quality products, at competitive prices from China.

Her extensive, well over a decade long, experience in delivering and managing supply chain assignments across international operations makes her one of the truly unique assets of BMSCG. Apart from her obvious cultural and professional contribution to BMSCG as a native Chinese, Angel also strengthens the organization with her wide Guanxi, which significantly contributes to our network more than 1 500 manufacturing Partners in China alone.

Angel Bei has studied in China and in Europe as well. Angel Bai joined us from the beginning on and we are proud to have her as one of our Managing Partners.

Mr. Aron Szabo
Managing Partner

► With almost a decade long industry experience, at two of the world's top three multinational corporations on their respective fields, and international working experience in several EU countries (most recently in Asia), Aron is one of the Managing Partners of The BMS Consulting Group.

In particular he specialises in sales, strategy development, lean management, manufacturing management and strategic account management.

He holds a business degree with honours from the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom and he recently graduated from the Senior Executive Program of Stanford University.

Mr. Thorsten Migge
Managing Partner

► He is the last member in our team of Managing Partners. With his wide knowledge in Supply Chain management, specialized in Supplier Relationship management and Sourcing In Emerging Markets, he is the main person responsible for our sourcing consulting and sourcing strategy development. Having worked for a big German retailer in China in the field of sourcing and supply chain management, his practical knowledge is extensive. But yet he gained his expertise while he spent several years as a researcher at Supply Institute at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

As undergraduate, he studied in Switzerland, while he holds his Master from Heidelberg and China at CEIBS. In addition, he enrolled a second Master with China management focus at University of London. Besides working, he also pursues his PhD with the focus of Supplier Relationship Management. At the same time, he is teaching Operations management at University in Shanghai. With his academic knowledge, he provides our customers with “State of art” Supply Chain Concepts.

Thorsten joined BMSCG from the beginning. We are proud to have him as one of our team members.