Trading Services

Trading Services Overview
Most of our Partners who use this service are: What are the main benefits of this service for You?
Medium / Family businesses
Any companies, looking for professional Trading solutions
You don't need to be physically in China to be successful
Our native consultants can save you time and money
Professional trading services, with minimized risk at competitive price

About Trading Services

Trade with China and/or other Asian economies has become as normal as going to the retailer in your town and buying milk.

Whether you want to export products from China to Europe or sell your own products in China we are here to help you.

In your town, you know how to react if you have problems with the merchandise. If you do business in Asia, you don't know all the rules and

regulations of doing business and trading.

We can assist your business, regardless of your trading process phase.
We can help you with operative services such as finding the right forwarder, organizing logistics, or providing you with secure warehouse.

Tax and customs also have a great potential to save costs – BMSCG will find the best solution for you.

Operative Services

Import/export Optimazation
Shipment Organizations
Borderlining of your Goods
Tax and Customs Optimazation