Why Asia and China?

Facts about Asia and China

With the population of 3.8 billion, Asia is by far the world’s most populated continent. In contrast, the entire population of the combined block of 27 countries of the European Union is “only” 501 million, whereas the population of the United States, the currently largest economy, is even less, 309 million.

Although Asia only covers approximately 9% of the Earth’s surface and has around 30% of the total landmass of the Planet, it hosts about 60% of the world’s population. With the forecasted low GDP growth (or even stagnation) of the western economies, more and more companies look to the Asian markets, that carry the most growth potential for the next decade.

It is not difficult to foresee therefore what kind of economic potential China, already the world’s second largest economy with over 1.34 billion people, has in the life of any business today.

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